In an industry with 1.2 million NGOs and a workforce exceeding half a million, social development needs a dedicated space to analyze and process information, exchange views and ideas, and channelize the growing philanthropic spirit towards developing sustainable measures.

"The Alternative" aims to be the "other" space - an online platform that seeks to chronicle and support social development in India.

Read - The web magazine offers news, views and commentary on the development sector. We believe that fair, independent and non-partisan development journalism can empower a socially conscious civil society with the right information to get involved.
Be - Every citizen has the power to make a positive difference in improving human condition in our society. The magazine provides spaces that nurture discussion and dialogue leading to constructive and collective action. The online resource centre helps people take action and figure out ways and means to contribute to a more equitable social order.

The Alternative is published by the media division of Sattva Media and Consulting Pvt Ltd.