Untravel Coastal Special: The virgin beaches of Karnataka

/ 6-November 3:00 pm

While relatively unexplored by travel buffs, the virgin beaches of Karnataka are slowly crawling up as one of the top destinations for water sports

The autumn fables of the Kumaon hills

/ 30-October 7:00 pm

Almora is a laid-back hill-station known not only for its natural beauty of hills and lakes but for being a cultural hub of Kumaon, especially worth a visit during Dussehra.

Seven Sisters Speak: Boom, Boom Bomdila

/ 29-October 6:30 pm

Nestled in the Eastern Himalayan province, the picturesque town of Bomdila is amongst the most culturally diverse in Arunachal Pradesh

Untravel Coastal Special: Temple hopping along the Karnataka coastline

/ 25-October 1:00 pm

Part 1 of 3: If you have a palate for some magnificent ancient architecture and Hindu mythology, take a coastal trip to these temples in Udipi, Dharamsthala, Kollur, Gokarna and Sringeri.

Tharangambadi’s fort by the sea (Tranquebar)

/ 25-October 11:30 am

If heritage buildings, cultural history and architecture is what you're looking for in a weekend getaway, then you best be at Tharangambadi (Tranquebar)