9 Popular Indian Ads That Will Make You Think

In the dynamic realm of advertising, where creativity intertwines with societal narratives, certain commercials transcend their primary purpose of product promotion. They embed themselves in our minds, becoming cultural landmarks. Let’s explore nine notable Indian ads that exemplify creative brilliance and provoke contemplation on a profound level.

Fevicol – The Unbreakable Bond:

Known for its powerful glue, Fevicol has become part of everyday culture with its memorable ads. One famous commercial show two birds stuck together by Fevicol, symbolizing a strong, unbreakable connection. The beauty concept of this add along with the catchy phrase “Fevicol ka jo hai, tootega nahin” (What’s stuck with Fevicol won’t break), makes it a successful campaign and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Cadbury Dairy Milk – The Sweetness of Generosity:

Cadbury Dairy Milk never failed to pull heartstrings of every individual with their commercials. A standout example revolves around generosity, where a young girl selflessly shares her chocolate with an extraterrestrial visitor. Beyond promoting chocolate sweetness, the narrative imparts a profound message about sharing and kindness, resonating deeply with viewers.

Tanishq – Celebrating Diversity:

The innovative jewelry firm Tanishq is well-known for its provocative advertisements that question conventional wisdom. A compelling ad highlights the brand’s dedication to promoting diversity by featuring an interfaith marriage. The ad gently promotes acceptance and inclusion, and its nuanced message leaves a lasting impression.

Google India – Reunion:

Google India’s “Reunion” ad weaves a tapestry of friendship transcending geographical boundaries. The tale unfolds as childhood friends separated during the partition find each other with Google’s assistance. This emotionally charged narrative showcases the search engine’s capabilities and tugs at heartstrings, leaving an indelible mark on the audience.

Vodafone – Zoozoo Campaign:

Vodafone’s Zoozoo campaign revolutionized the advertising landscape with its whimsical and endearing characters. These animated beings, a whimsical fusion of animals and humans, inject humor and charm into the brand’s communication. The campaign’s success lies in conveying intricate messages with a lighthearted touch, ensuring memorability across all age groups.

Surf Excel – Daag Acche Hai:

Surf Excel’s “Daag Acche Hai” (Stains are good) campaign challenges conventional wisdom by portraying stains as emblems of positive actions. An emotionally stirring ad within this series features a young girl ensuring her friend’s safe passage to a mosque during Holi, even if it means getting stained herself. The ad beautifully communicates the brand’s philosophy of embracing stains as a sign of goodness.

Amul – The Taste of India:

The “Utterly Butterly Delicious” marketing by Amul is a superb example of both inventiveness and consistency. Through the iconic Amul girl, the brand offers clever and funny comments on a range of social and political topics. These commercials engage viewers with topical and pertinent observations while promoting the product.

Coca-Cola – ‘Ummeedo Wali Dhoop’:

Coca-Cola’s “Ummeedo Wali Dhoop” (Hopeful Sunlight) campaign narrates a heartwarming tale of a young boy spreading optimism and joy. Beyond showcasing the brand’s association with joyous moments, the ad conveys a universal message about the power of hope. The uplifting narrative resonates with audiences, rendering it a memorable campaign.

Airtel – Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai:

Airtel’s “Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai” (Every friend is essential) campaign strikes a harmonious chord with the youth, celebrating the essence of friendship. The catchy jingle and relatable scenarios depicted in the ads establish a strong connection with the target audience. The campaign effectively communicates the brand’s message of connectivity and friendship.


Indian commercials have a special magic that combines creativity and social ideals in a way that leaves a lasting effect on viewers. As mentioned above, the advertisements are memorable and thought-provoking in addition to being vehicles for promoting products and adding to the rich cultural tapestry. These ads are proof of the powerful union of relatability and storytelling skills in creating powerful content, mainly as the Indian advertising scene develops.

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