Alternative Weekends 5 Events in Bangalore July 12th and 13th You Shouldn’t Miss

Tucked away in the heart of technological innovation, Bangalore—often referred to as India’s Silicon Valley—isn’t just for IT hubs and business environments. This vibrant metropolis beats with a robust cultural heartbeat beneath the glass façade. The events of this coming weekend, July 12 and 13, weave a tapestry of extraordinary happenings. These five events are sure to add some color to your weekend plans, whether you’re a guest staying for a short while or a native living in the city every day.

Artistic Vibes at The Gallery Showcase:

July 12th, 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM

The Gallery Showcase, a carefully curated event that brings together local artists and art fans’ curious eyes, is the perfect place to start your weekend excursion with a rainbow of artistic inspiration. This city center exhibition venue is a symphony of paintings and sculptures rather than merely a collection of artwork. Discover the narratives weaved throughout each piece of art, connect with the artists, and maybe even locate that elusive piece that was meant to be in your living room. Make the most of your opportunity to immerse yourself in Bangalore’s cultural rhythms.

TechTalks Conference at InnovateHub:

July 13th, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

For the tech-savvy minds in the audience, the TechTalks Conference at InnovateHub stands as an intellectual citadel on July 13th. This conference orchestrates a convergence of the sharpest minds in the tech realm, unraveling the tapestry of the latest trends, innovations, and future projections. With a lineup of sagacious speakers, interactive panels, and networking alcoves, this event serves as a goldmine for those navigating the dynamic landscapes of technology. As you step into this realm of innovation, remember to equip yourself with business cards – you might find your next collaborator or mentor amidst the symphony of ideas.

Food Fiesta Extravaganza at Indulge Street:

July 12th and 13th, 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Bangalore, known for its diverse range of cuisine, extends an invitation to experience a gourmet journey at the Food Fiesta Extravaganza, which will take place over the course of the weekend on Indulge Street. This festival puts together a spectacular gathering of neighborhood restaurants, food trucks, and chefs to showcase an exquisite array of cuisines. Allow your palate to travel as you discover Bangalore’s culinary treasures, from the nuanced subtleties of gourmet cuisine to the tactile appeal of street food. Expert advice: go in with an empty stomach and an appetite for adventure.

Live Music Under the Stars at Moonlight Melodies:

July 12th, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM

As Saturday night unfurls, immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies resonating under the cosmic canopy at Moonlight Melodies. This outdoor musical soiree isn’t just a concert; it’s an invitation to surrender to soul-stirring tunes in a setting that transcends the ordinary. Set against a serene backdrop, this event spotlights local bands and musicians, crafting an intimate ambiance for the connoisseurs of musical euphony. Wrap yourself in a blanket, find a cozy nook, and let the music weave a portal to a different world. It’s an idyllic finale to your Saturday night escapade in Bangalore.


Bangalore, with its dynamic amalgamation of technology, culture, and gastronomy, unfurls a weekend canvas adorned with diverse experiences. From the artistic rendezvous to tech symposiums, gastronomic odysseys, melodic soirées, and eco-wisdom congregations, the city beckons with something for every soul. Etch July 12th and 13th on your calendars and immerse yourself in these events that not only showcase Bangalore’s multifaceted charm but also inject a palpable excitement into your weekend escapades in the Garden City. Whether you call Bangalore home or are a transient explorer, these experiences promise to be the crescendo to your weekend symphony.

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